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About Rider Insurance Group

Let’s face facts, it is very easy to put off things we don’t like to do and then pretend that we just didn’t have the time. At Rider Insurance Group, our friendly agents understand your dilemma. That’s why we make it very easy for you to shop rates from multiple carriers. We’ll do all of the work for you by providing quotes from several insurance companies, so you can make the most informed decisions. In fact, our independent insurance and financial services agency has been providing excellent customer service to our clients in Southwest Florida since 1999.

We are licensed to provide insurance products from numerous insurance companies which allow us to offer the most competitive rates with the best quality of coverage. Whether we’re helping you build a homeowners insurance plan or insuring your boat that is used for weekend fun, our agents will provide you with the individualized attention that your insurance needs deserve. Our goal is to ensure that you have peace of mind in knowing you, your family and your business have the right insurance coverage should an unexpected accident, personal injury or other disaster occur without warning.

As an independent insurance group we represent many different insurance companies, as compared to a captive agent who can represent only one company. The advantage for you with Rider Insurance Group is that your needs are shopped among these multiple companies. Some of these companies are the largest insurance companies in the world. The real advantage is that this competitive shopping results in the lowest rates and best individual service available on the market today.

Don’t spend needless hours on the phone or computer looking for the right auto insurance, business insurance, life insurance or home insurance. Let our experienced staff of insurance professionals review the coverage you may already have and identify the best options for protecting all of your assets. No one ever expects to be in an accident or to make a mistake, but unfortunate incidents happen every day. We’ll make sure that you, your loved ones and your investments are well protected before it is too late.

When you deal with Rider Insurance Group you get personalized service with someone you know and trust. Contact Us today to experience the difference.